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JC Equipments Pvt Ltd

JC Equipments Private Limited (an ISO 9001:2008 certified company) is the one of the leading manufacturers of cooling towers and heat exchangers.

We started our venture in 1989 in Coimbatore to provide genuine, reliable and durable cooling solutions for various industries in India and abroad. With this focused aim, we emerged as a market leader in the manufacturing of cooling tower in a span of two decades by giving quality products to our customers. Our products strictly adhere to international standards for different types of industries worldwide. The company’s tower cooling products meet both ISO standards and the standards of ASME.

Our world class manufacturing plant in Coimbatore coupled with outstanding training facilities for employees ensure that we are technologically ahead in the cooling tower industry. The combination of modern factory and skilled manpower results in bringing top quality and technologically advanced machines.

What is a Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are warm up taking away campaign worn to relocate process fritter away heat to the atmosphere. It moreover use the vanishing of water to eradicate process heat and cool the operational fluid close to the web bulb air temperature or, in the container of congested circuit dry cooling towers rely exclusively on air to cool the working fluid to in close proximity to the dry bulb air temperature. It is worn in oil refineries, petro chemical as well as other chemical plants, thermal power stations and in HVAC systems. It is a heat denunciation device.

General applications for cooling towers are provided cooling water for air taming and electric power cohort The negligible cooling towers are intended to knob water streams of merely a few gallons of water per minute abounding in small pipes akin to those might see in a dwelling whilst the largest cool hundreds of thousands of gallons per minute abounding in pipes as much as 15 feet in span on a large power plant.

Several useful terms frequently worn in cooling tower industry:

  • Blow out
  • Blow down
  • Noise
  • Drift
  • Plume
  • Noise

Cooling tower terms and conditions:

British thermal unit (BTU) – It is zilch other than the heat energy requisite to lift the temperature of one clobber of water one degree Fahrenheit in the range from 32 Fahrenheit to 212 Fahrenheit.

Cooling range – it is the disparity between hot water inward bound the tower and cool water departure the tower.

Ton – A disperse cooling ton is 15000 BTU per hour.

Pumping head – The pressure requisite to impel the water from the tower basin from side to side the whole scheme and revisit to the peak of the tower.

Make up – The sum of water requisite to reinstate ordinary fatalities caused by hemorrhage off, glide and vanishing.

Heat load – It is in addition an imperative stricture in decisive tower size and cost. It is identical to water transmission rate.

Types of cooling tower:

Closed circuit cooling tower: these are hybrids that exceed the functioning fluid all the way through a pipe bunch upon which dirt free water is sprayed and a fan induced light wind functional.

FRP cooling tower: it reduces equipped cost. It is modulated in solitary sector or for segments for entrée into stairways. They are habitually bolted and predetermined on site. It is under fire to capitalize on economy and efficiency.

Dry water cooling tower: it functions in the mixture of extensive sine gesture finned facade heat relocate coils with axial surge fans. It chains habitual maneuver. The hot water send by any tackle is passed to the dry cooling tower. It is hard-pressed elsewhere through the outlet pump.

RCC cooling tower: it has a enhanced edge in stipulations of prolonged existence. It is ended up of concrete cell. It is encoded and premeditated to meet the stretched subsist loom. The structural propose can be made user friendly and nice-looking as per the client’s prerequisite.

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